Hi! My name is Taha. Entrepreneur & Programmer

I'm a lifelong programmer, online marketer and penetration tester. As of 2017, I'm investing in multiple early stage startups.
I spend most of my time coding, working on my ideas and helping startups and companies unlock their digital business potential.

I'm startup friendly!

Prototype your Idea

Are you looking for a prototype to test the market or pitch potential investors? Worry not! We can work on your prototype and get you going in no time

design prototype MVP
Build your Product

Confident enough in your idea and want to build a stable kickass product? Willing to invest in your idea and build it on solid grouds? I've got you covered

Development Consulting success
Maintain your Project

Your product is working and you need the expertise to move to the next step? I have got the expertise to consult on your technological choices

Consulting Roadmapping Strategy

The Perfect IT Partner

I worked with tens of startups and companies driving many types of products. So "Yes, I can build that."

I specialize in developing web platforms and mobile applications. I love working with startups and helping them launch and maintain their tech.

I'll be happy to have a call and chat about your product or idea. I'm interested in knowing more about your work and explore ways we can work together.

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Chapter 1: You're not alone

I believe that everybody has a great idea in them, and for most of us, it's either a website or app or something that has to do with the internet. And until we have a minimum understanding of how things work, it all sounds blurry and confusing, much like a new language. The purpose of this book is to bridge that gap and give you just enough to feel comfortable talking about technology. It's a great place to start if you're Read more...

I wrote an ebook, it's free!

And it's called the Modern Software Development Handbook

If you're not super familiar with the IT world, that's totally ok, many clients aren't. That's why I wrote this ebook.

I want to help you gain some perspective on what you're getting into. It will save you a lot of research time and help you make more educated decisions. It explains some of the most commonly used tech terms such as "cloud" or "full stack" or the good old "JavaScript". What's great is that I'm very familiar with most technologies mentioned in the e-book.

Download the Modern Development Ebook

Modern Development

Depending on the scope of the project, features, time and budget, I help you pick the optimal options for the best results.

Awesome Support

I believe that transparency and communication are key to building good products. I regularly report the project’s progress and reach out to set the priorities for the next iterations.

Product Quality

Product quality is the key, so I built my processes around quality-driven development and unit tests. Code review and QA testing are part and parcel of my standard operating procedure.

You need something more than just code?

I have many partners doing amazing work. I can rely on them to provide expertise in areas such as design, marketing and business development

We deliver revolutionary digital products.

Share your challenge with us and we’ll ship you a First Class Software that ends up being worth millions of dollars.

I ship success every day. What can I do for you?

If you are looking for Fast and Reliable Software Solution for your Business, I'm happy to tell you that you made the right decision. Let me know a bit about your requirements and budget, and I will get back to you shortly.


I have worked on applications for banks and e-commerce businesses. State-of-the-art security measures are a must-have

Trust & Transparency

I keep your confidential informations safe and I'm open to signing NDAs. The code is yours with full access from day one

Launch time

I put a lot of effort into producing your application under tight timeframes, taking care to maintain a high quality at all times

Need a kickass project?

Drop me an email, and let's see what I can do for you

Would you like to work with me? Wanna create a change-maker software?

I create beautiful, fast and secure applications tailored for your business goals. I cover the backend and frontend of your application using the most innovative tech stacks. I always choose the best frameworks possible to meet your business goals and satisfy your users’ expectations.

I'm available on these technologies